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Re: Dreadnought-Class Production Line (Spoilers?)

Timo wrote: View Post
Those feats took place after Nero acquired his red matter, though.
One of them would have been before he acquired the red matter, but it doesn't matter, because he didn't use the red matter to accomplish them, just the missiles on his ship.

Timo wrote:
And off camera at that.
That's irrelevant, especially in the case of the Federation fleet: we see their wreckage.

Timo wrote:
We don't even know whether Nero destroyed any Klingon ships for real
That plot point is, of course, a relic of the prison planet escape plotline from the deleted scenes. As such, it was assuredly meant to be a real incident before that plotline was effectively cut from the film. So the Narada was considered strong enough to do that at that point. Are we to assume that when the prison escape material was cut from the film the Narada was made weaker as a result?
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