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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

My primary takeaway thus far is that the nuEnterprise bridge is an oval. I hadn't realized.

It's my conclusion that:
  1. Those who designed the ship had one size in mind, probably close to the original
  2. Those who were in charge simply thought of it as "big."
  3. At some point those in charge realized it wasn't as big as they thought, and wanted it upscaled.
  4. Thus, the ship's official length is bigger.
Does it make sense? Eh. Can I live with it? Yeah.

Can I rationalize that in the Prime 2.0 timeline that a scared-as-crap dominated-by-Section 31 Starfleet poured entirely too much resources into building the Enterprise and ended up with a ship far bigger and more advanced than it was in the Prime universe? Yep.

There are some glaring technological inconsistencies that burn my biscuits, but official is official.
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