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Re: TV version of Wrath of Khan available?

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I have both the theatrical and director's cuts of this film. This has probably been discussed quite a bit, but since I'm new (and probably no where near as close to being as well versed in Trek as most folks here), I'm a little unclear. Is the only difference between the ABC broadcast and the director's cut the turbolift scene, or are there other differences as well, regardless of how subtle?

Well obviously the ABCTV version is pan and scanned--which in itself is an entirely diiferent experince, but

The only other diffenence between the two besides the turbo-lift alternate takes are during the simulator scene where there is an additional line of dialogue from the computer voice describing the Kobiyashi Maru.

I forget what the additional line is, but back in the day i compared the ABCTV version to my VHS copy and there is one line of dialogue after the computer says "....third class neutronic fuel carrier, crew of ...'

there is a follow-up line.

But that's all I've ever heard or noticed as far as being different from the Director's Cut version.
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