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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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I'm interested to see your Enterprises sales numbers.
I doubt anyone has the actual number of units sold, but he did mention where each new release ranked on Amazon's sales chart.
This. Thanks BillJ.

Today's Amazon UK's Film and TV (DVD & BD) rankings are:

TNG S4 #116
ENT S2 #3,222

To be fair, today is the release day of TNG S4 and ENT S2 isn't out yet. So let's compare the other TNG releases with ENT S1 and we get this.

TNG S3 #3,173
ENT s1 #24,584

TNG S2 #6,025
TNG S1 #5,582

Again, no sales numbers but these rankings show that even the 5 year old release of TOS season 1 (# 20,191) is currently outselling ENT S1. All I'm saying is that it's very possible that some Paramount UK marketer looking at this chart might think it's a good idea to try something different pricewise.
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