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HATED Vic. Hated his small scenes in otherwise good episodes, REALLY hated episodes where he got a lot of screen-time. The singing was mind-numbing, the idea that anyone in the 20th century would give a shit about him was stupid, thinking that 24th century folks would give a shit was even dumber.
Whoaaa that's a lot of hate. Just because you don't like him or his music doesn't mean other people can't. Go ahead and hate Vic all you want but you could hold back a little on the rest of it. You hate him. Good for you. Some people like him. Big deal. Get over it.

I liked him. I thought he brought variety to the show and he was cool and funny. He wasn't overused in the least. He came in at the end of the series and was in a few episodes. Big deal.

Plus I'm a sucker for any kind of jazz.
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