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Re: STID and the Eugenics Wars books

Spock's comment that Khan's goals included "the extermination of anyone not considered superior" (or words to that effect) sounded to me like it could be a reference to Khan's last-ditch plan to use his mother's modified strep-A to eradicate all non-augmented humans on Earth in Eugenics Wars, volume 2. That said, the rest can't fit.

I read the EW books in the run-up to ID, and I'm afraid I wasn't a fan of them. Although enjoyable in parts, they were too slavish to "Space Seed" in making Khan a Sikh, which was obviously a mistake by Marla. Sikh's are forbidden from removing hair from any part of the body, and Khan was not only clean shaven, but had a waxed chest too! I found the rest too fanwanky. A nice try to reconcile RL with Trek, but one doomed to failure. The framing story was a rehash of "The Masterpiece Society" and didn't engage me one bit.

Khan's racial identity is a complete muddle in canon, going from brownfaced faux-Indian in SS to White Hispanic in WoK to White British in ID. Now I'm thinking that he was never Indian; that was another epic fail from Marla (the pic of Khan in a turban was painted by Marla too, excusing that). He was only tanned - and he lost his tan on Ceti Alpha V in Prime Trek and in the Section 31 R&D labs in the AU. Thusly, all that's changed is his accent - no more of a big deal than Kirk's eye colour, IMO.
Admittedly this doesn't explain the complete change of his followers between SS and WoK. One thing at a time
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