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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

Im open to criticism but I won't tolerate rudeness. My series will involve internal conflict. Each of my characters will be flawed in some way or another. The crew will not trust each other and do not want to work together. But over the course of the series they will learn to work together and in doing so learn new things about themselves they never knew were there. The Captain starts off with a big ego and overly confident but when he is charge of a mission of this magnitude is he as confident as he thought he was? The First Officer is a man who has followed Starfleet rules and regulations blindly but over the course of the series the very principles he has always lived by will be shaken. The Doctor is fresh out of med school, is she ready for this much responsibility?

Yes the pilot may be about an alien species who want to threaten our galaxy and the federation, but these aliens will exist in a dimension where they operate outside our time space continuum, which can lead to all sorts of stories involving time travel, alternate dimensions, etc. Not every episode will involve these aliens but they will be the reason behind Starfleet starting the first deep space exploration voyage in centuries. Plus pilot episodes have always been more action packed than other episodes.

This series will be fundamentally based on the principles of Star Trek and will involve a number of social and philosophical issues. The human race will be thriving and may be at the peak of its technological advancement but what of the rest of the galaxy? A number of alien races in the galaxy will regard the Federation the same way as many countries in today's world regard the West. Dilithium deposits across the galaxy are depleting... once prospering civilizations are the brink of collapse. What are these species capable of doing when they are desperate?
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