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The Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Guide

Well, I've been teasing this for several years, but it grew in the making, and so many issues in real life got in the way, stretching it's completion from weeks to months to years. And it still isn't complete, but the barebones state is enough for unveiling...

The Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Guide is my new website:

The main features are color-coated-by-importance reading lists in chronological order for each book series. The lists consist of all books, comics, and short stories part of (or referenced in) the Lit-verse. This was based in part on the work done by turtletrekker in the Charting the Novelverse thread. A very special thanks to him and to all who have contributed info to this undertaking.

Also included is a tally of every separate Star Trek story ever published, a number which in August will reach 2018. That was an interesting factoid to figure out. That could also serve as a book list somewhat like the ones that used to be in the back of each novel.

The other main feature for now (more to come later) is the timeline of books, chapter by chapter, since Star Trek Nemesis. Basically a simplified version of the VotI timeline. This part I know needs some tweaking, but I'm hoping you all will help me work out a few final particulars there.

During the process I discovered several new novels and comics which should be on the Charting the Novelverse list, and I'll be posting them in that thread soon.

The site could serve as an overview for newcomers, or a tool for the well versed in TrekLit. Hopefully some of you will find it interesting. I will be adding new content and pictures, and keep it updated each month as new stuff comes out, though I am pretty behind on my reading, so I may need to ask some questions now and then. I really hope everyone here will provide their thoughts, corrections, and questions.

Most of all, I had fun making it!

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
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