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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

Well this season seems to be going nowhere fast. It's the final year, and we're wasting time with storylines about Quinn's promotion, Masuka's daughter, and Dexter's new neighbor? Seriously?? You'd think this was the middle of the third season or something, with the complete lack of buildup and urgency we're seeing.

And now the one interesting element this season-- Debra's downward spiral and anger towards Dexter-- appears to have been largely resolved as well.

And it looks like the next episode has Dexter chasing after yet another generic serial killer. Like it's just business as usual. Say huh?? Shouldn't someone be hunting Dexter down by this point? Or at least investigating him or Debra for something?

At this rate, it's looking like the truth is only going to be discovered by Bautista or someone accidentally stumbling into his kill room again.
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