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Re: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Voyager Ep Counterpoint (Season 5)

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Meh...if I take the VOY novels as canon, she gladly breaks that principle.
in the novel they hooked up once and at that point he wasn't under her command
They end up together....not just hook up once, from what I got out of it. It was in the last chapter of the last novel. They are still "together" unless another book comes out and ruins it. Which I don't think will happen.

Also she was an Admiral and he was a Captain. Although not directly under her command, they were still colleagues. Also she shares quarters with him in that last scene of the book and I believe they both are working aboard his ship. I suppose that doesn't directly count as being under her command. It's a weird gray area.

But yes on the show she is clear about not getting involved with those under her command.
that's right there is another book! I forgot, haven't read that one yet. then I take it back, (and now I got a major spoiler haha)
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