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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Miguel Cabrera was ejected with the bases loaded for arguing balls and strikes. Jim Leyland came out to argue and was tossed, too. Apparently, the Tigers have had problems with Chad Fairchild, who was working behind the plate for today's game.

I watched the replay and don't understand why Cabrera was tossed- let alone that it happened in the middle of his at-bat. No, he shouldn't have been arguing balls and strikes, but it's not as though his behavior was demonstrative in any way. His mouth was moving, but that's all happened before Fairchild signaled his ejection.

Honestly, when is baseball going to start holding umpires accountable for this garbage? These guys will do almost anything to get their names in the paper, but they won't stand in front of TV cameras or microphones after the game and answer questions. Someone needs to do something. This nonsense is way past old.

Generally speaking, umpires will give you latitude for discussion (although they are not required to by the rules), but if you say a magic word (usually "fuck" or "cocksucker") they'll run you. It looks like Cabrera said something along the lines of "fucking horrible, boss," which will most likely get you tossed even if the umpire isn't a tool like Fairchild.
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