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Re: Was Dax Sisko's XO circa 2374 ?

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It might also be that Starfleet maintains the special rank of "Master CPO of Starfleet", the way USN has the "Master CPO of the Navy", and that this rank and position one step above MCPO is the only way a CPO can get a teaching job at the Academy...
There are lots of non-coms at military academies these days. I don't know how many of them actually teach, since (at least in America) the academies are universities, and you pretty much need to have a graduate degree to even think of teaching at such a place, and having a degree pretty much guarantees an officer's commission...But sometimes universities get very experienced folks to teach actual practical knowledge in their field; Starfleet Academy would probably be the same way, and there probably aren't a lot out there with actual practical knowledge like O'Brien has.
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