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Re: Star Trek TWOK Blue Ray oddity

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Yet another sign that Paramount could give a rats arse about the prime-universe Trek movies, they just quickly threw the same old transfers they had around for HD cable/satellite movie channels on to the Blu-ray release.
I don't know, but TMP looks a lot better on BluRay than it did on HDTV.
What I think they are saying is that they used the same print transfer for the Blu-ray as the HDTV streaming--NOT that they didn't improve/restore it.

In other words they used the same transfer--although they may have cleaned it up better for the Blu-ray release.

What the other folks are saying, I think, is why didn't they go to the orginal camera negatives and make an all-new 4k master?

So yes, the Blu-ray can look better than the HD streaming version without being the best quality it could be.
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