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Re: Star Trek TWOK Blue Ray oddity

I am so glad we finally, so far, have a consensus on the terrible color tint of TWOK Blu-ray!

Absolutely stunned there haven't been posts by the few crackpots who claim the 1982 thearical prints had that exact same blue tint.

That's right, there are a few who clain 'to remember' for sure it ALWAYS had that awful blue tint in 1982--including Regula!

Which of course would mean EVERY promotional still and clip and TV ad back in the day was wrong and that only the prints in 1982 were blue-while EVERYTHING else associated with the movie was wrong.

I even posted a picture of a 1983 calendar tie-in of TWOK that had Regula in it's full red-brown glory and was told that it was wrong and regula was always blue.

And a couple of these folks claim 'they recently saw' a vintage film print and Regula was blue--to which I say BS.

I've heard other people who recently saw a showing of an old print confirm Regula was always brown.

The lack of the Director's Cut and the cyan/blue altering of TWOK are why I have still not purchased TWOK on Blu-ray.

I dearly pray that we get a 2016 re-release with the Director's cuts, deleted scenes, 4k restorations of the other 5 TOS movies and PROPER color timing for TWOK.
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