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Re: Finished Watching ENT (Warning: Spoilers)

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TATV had many flaws, the forced death of Trip one of them, but by far TATV should've been a celebration of Enterprise... not having Frakes and Siritis, steal the spotlight. Ending things with Terra Prime would've been so much more fitting as at least there was an actual resolution of sorts.
I totally agree Trip's death was forced and unnecessary. The show was cancelled just when it was getting really good. And Terra Prime was the better episode.

I tend to be a shipper (I just can't help it no matter what I watch) and the breaking up of Trip and T'Pol after ALL THAT DRAMA seemed so unnecessary. They should have ended it happily for those two, IMO. I'm so sick of always having to go and read the novels in order to get my shipper fix! I would probably read them anyway...but still!!!!
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