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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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As for your question about how many roles out there are written for 44 year old Asian men, I would first like to ask you... how many roles out there are written for post menopausal, white women?

Marina Sirtis can say at least one... as the head of Mossad on "NCIS".

Gates McFadden can say at least one, as a judge on "Franklin & Bash".

And Kate Mulgrew can say at least 3, on Warehouse 13, NTSFSD:SUV, and on my new fav... "Orange is the New Black".

The biggest complaint from female actors is that they can't get work as they "age", even BEFORE menopause hits.

Lucy Lawless got the reality check re: this issue when she was discussing age with her husband, producer Rob Tapert. She was talking about how the business was increasingly skewed towards young actresses now. He pointed out to his wife that in TODAY'S environment if Xena WP was being cast (instead of in 1995) a 27 year old Lucy and 25 year old Renee would NOT be considered "young" enough to do the show.
Unless I'm missing a whole host of Asians on TV, I'd say that there are way more roles for white, older women than there are for Asians of any age.

Jeri works steadily. As does Kate. As does Connie Britton. As does Dana Delany. Should I go on?
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