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Re: Voyagers ending, redone.

I liked Endgame except for the time travel aspect. It turned their situation into one big paradox. Voyager got home early so Admiral Janeway never existed so she couldn’t have gone back in time to help Voyager get home early.

I think pretty much the same plot could have been achieved without the use of time travel. My own idea for a re-write of Endgame..

Voyager enters the nebula same as before and sees all those ships and runs away. Seven approaches the captain and tells her there is a hub in there. The senior staff sits down and decides that this is their best way home, they have to take the chance. They spend weeks coming up with plot device A(perhaps some kind of shield modification which will make them look like a borg ship if scanned) which they think will get them through to the hub. They go back to the hub and make it halfway through when plot device A begins to fail and Voyager starts getting attacked. When plot device A completely fails Seven contacts the Queen and asks her to call off the attack, if they let Voyager through seven offers to stay with the queen. Durring the attack voyager is damaged beyond any hope of repair, a nacelle is torn off, gaping holes in the hull, etc. As they’re about to call self destruct a group of borg ships surrounds them and tractors voyager and heads to the hub. Voyager is hailed and it’s the Klingon borg from Unimatrix zero. They protect voyager exchanging fire with the other borg ships and go through the hub, firing behind them as they go to destroy the hub behind them. In the Alpha Quadrant the hub opening appears and they get borg readings from it. The few ships that are near assemble and out comes voyager and the freed borg
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