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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

64. Godfather pt.III: B
65. Beyond Sherwood Forest: D
66. R.E.D. 2: B-
67. The Wolverine: B+
68. R.I.P.D.: C+

Despite having only read two issues of the comic, and not the full story at that(it was in the $.50 box), I went and saw this. Hey, I like to support the medium even when I know going in what I'm likely to find. That said, I admit the C+ grade is a bit on a curve most likely cause the expectations bar was so low. The previews tell you it's essentially a parody or riff on MIB meets Ghostbusters. It wasn't trying to be Batman Begins or The Avengers. If you thought that going in you didn't understand what the previews advertised.

It's only 1:40m and was a quick watch. Five whole people were in my showing. However, 2 20-ish guys really loved it the most. Maybe they'd had a few beers at concessions before coming in? It's not for everyone to spend $8/11 dollars on, but maybe a $1 Redbox for something to pass the time for some.
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