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Re: THE WOLVERINE - Reviews and Discussion Thread

Here's my full review.

I enjoyed it. I thought the first 2 acts dragged a little bit but I really enjoyed the last act, I think once he got his healing factor back the film felt a lot more fast-paced.

I thought at first some dialogue seemed to imply that his healing factor had been completely taken away, which made me think 'why isn't he suffering from adamantium poisoning' but I suppose it was just weakened.

The bit where he lost his claws made me gasp. I hope he gets adamantium back, bone claws won't do much against sentinels.

The extra scene was great, I had been spoiled about Prof X but not Magneto, so that was a pleasant surprise. I really liked the fact that it still tied in with the other films but it didn't feel dominated by them, like XMOW seemed to be dominated by trying to fit in everything, whereas this was a lot more intimate.
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