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Re: THE WOLVERINE - Reviews and Discussion Thread

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We even get a Kayla shout-out.
Where? I know a spot where they could've added her in.

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Meh. I'll take a character piece over something like The Avengers any day of the week.
Except, well The Avengers had plenty of character moments for many characters.
Yeah. Right. That movie was about as deep as a Kleenex box. Man of Steel had a little depth to it; The Avengers was all action and 'splosions and little comedic moments. Little "moments" between characters doesn't mean that characters are actually explored.
You said character piece. I see you are either adding to your definition of that or are moving the goal posts. Possibly just didn't get the depth added to much of the characters in The Avengers. Black Widow alone is more fully explored. Great character moments for Banner as well. If all you saw were 'spolsions I submit you didn't see the same movie everyone else did.

Your 'splosions fest was Man of Steel, depth there was kiddie wadding pool compared to what was in The Avengers. The Wolverine is a stronger whole film than MoS, whose first hour was awesome but quickly deteriorates into an orgy of destruction, whereas The Wolverine does not. It stays focused on letting the characters instead of carnage.
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