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Re: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Voyager Ep Counterpoint (Season 5)

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That is my point. Janeway is a COMPLETE prude.. She keeps chakotays balls in a jar for 7 years because he's a pussy. (He's her fallback plan LOL)

She has had ample opportunity to bang tuvok (maybe she has)..

So here comes this alpha male Kashik and she is like "wow who knows when I'll get another chance for a one night stand.. PANTIES ARE DROPPING"

That bullshit about "holding out for mark" and her dear john letter as her closure is just typical chick logic. You notice how she arbitrarily changed her hair style and got more assertive WELL BEFORE THAT (season 4 i believe)

Early on when there was hope of finding a fast way home she WAS holding out for Marc. Maybe it's "chick logic" to you but just because you're far away doesn't mean you instantly fall out of love and bang the person next to you. And what does changing her hair style have to do with it?

As far as Chakotay, she made it clear to him (and the guy from Workforce) that she WOULD NOT have a relationship with anyone under her command. If he still continued to pine after her that's his issue, not Janeway's

Why would she bang Tuvok? He is a good friend of hers, a MARRIED friend of hers.
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