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Re: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Voyager Ep Counterpoint (Season 5)

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The thing I found oddest about the episode is the way they let Voyager go at the end. That didn't make sense to me. The rest of it seemed within creative license.
Well, Kashyk wanted the whole event forgotten to avoid humiliation. But it was quite a gamble on Janway's part, that he would react that way and not just arrest them all anyway. iirc Voyager is pretty much at the mercy of his ships at that point.
I didnt quite get that myself. His true objective must have been that wormhole... and when that failed there was no point (he had already sold his superiors on his going undercover, or..whatever)

If his second in command was smart, he'd turn states evidence on the guy and transmute it into a promotion later..
but alas... thats a plot for another day
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