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Re: VOY Caption Contest 110; Iterative refinements

The last thing Neelix recalled before losing consciousness was commenting on the plumpness of the stallkeeper's melons.

Janeway: "What does God need with a starship?"
Leonardo: "I suppose you think you're being original..."

Chakotay: "You're a Bolian with a bad make-up job, wearing a Klingon sash, not a new alien species."
Paris: "I hacked the computer and added that bit to the First Contact procedures, the bit about sex with Seven, just to see what people would do. You're not even original. Harry has already tried that one."

Seven: "My implants have started to resonate and pulse, whenever the ship exceeds warp 9."
EMH: "Let me take a quick look at your cranial port."
Seven: "Um... not my Borg implants."

Janeway: "Some inventor! This won't even keep out the rain."
Leonardo: "It's a glider, not a tent."
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