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Re: TNG's "Too Short a Season" with Kirk...

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I'm putting this here to get a wide range of perspectives from TNG and non-TNG fans.

I've long read the rumors that "Too Short a Season" was conceived to feature an aged Admiral Kirk returning to the planet from the TOS "A Private Little War" episode. (I'm not sure whether there's any truth to this, perhaps someone else knows.)

Two questions.
  1. What would a version of this episode with Kirk have been like, and how would you have it differ from the aired episode?
  2. Would it have worked for you, that is, could it be a proper revisit/sendoff for an aged Kirk?
Seems like it would have intentionally discredited Kirk and The Original Series. The Trek fanbase would have been absolutely furious. You don't start a sequel by shitting on the original.
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