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Re: Intrepid class VS a galaxy class, which was more powerful and adva

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Not sure why this interests me... But i just wanted to point out, this is all relative. Here are some of the facts that I remember:

* Galaxy Class was considered the most advanced as far as luxuries, size and armament.

* Intrepid class was considered FASTER but it is smaller.
(Galaxy class max warp is 9.3 .. Intrepid is 9.9 )

(and isnt the "faster" argument moot??? there is no gravity or inertia in space)
Not at warp speed, which breaks physics, bends space and time and is kinda magical.
* Galaxy Class standard crew compliment is 900-1000 ... but can hold upto 4000 in a pinch (like doing an evacuation for example).
vs Intrepid compliment is 140-160 .

* Also being larger means galaxy class can hold more shuttles / torpedos / probes...
Please! Voyager launched with a compliment of 39 photon torpedoes and "no way to replace them after they're gone"... and used 93 before they got home
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