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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

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i would like to see some unlikely alliance
Which is also one of those over-used plot devices. The heroes have to team up with the most unlikely of allies.

dan_bevan, you wanted constructive critisism. The harsh truth is, in both topics you started people have kindly tried to point out that this story is full of been there's and done that's.

The overpowerfull and/or millenia old alien returning to the galaxy has been done to death. And Star Trek isn't even about that. Conflict, yes. You need conflict to tell a story. But what about internal conflict? Conflict between characters? Political conflict?
Star Trek at its best was always about adressing current social/political issues, covered up with latex and special fx. And sure, there was big shooty-shooty and 'splosions and stuff. But that's not what the core of Trek is. Star Trek is not about fighting ancient old threats to the universe. That's Star Wars.

(notice the joking winks at the end of the posts, pointing out that that was a small joke, not an attack on Star Wars fans)
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