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Re: The Killing (Seasons 1-3)

Okay, that was seriously fucking disturbing. I hope I never see an ending like that again. God DAMN. I just got through watching by my usual "other means" since I don't have cable.

Holy moly mother of Mary, that shit was disturbing. It's probably more truthful than any of us know....which is why it's disturbing. Food for thought. Now I can't sleep.

Glad to see Holder lobbing away the beer, hopefully for good. In the midst of all that pathos, he and Linden's connection shone through. Platonic it is, but it's love. It's friendship of the highest order. Genuine love of one human being for another, uncomplicated by sex and games. Kirk and Spock. Mulder and Scully (though I guess they did the deed) . Sam and Dean. All the great ones. Linden and Holder are there. Gods, Mirielle Enos and Joel Kinnamon are superb actors.

Christ, was Mr. Tough prison guard a cowardly dick when the chips were down or what?

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