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Re: The Killing (Seasons 1-3)

Just watched two more--eps 5 and 6 I guess. Ugh, the Seward storyline still annoys me. It's getting more relevant now that it looks like his kid may have witnessed the murder and he may actually be guilty, but every time they cut to the prison my eyes glaze over.

Best line in ep 6 (I think) goes to Reddick, speaking to Linden and Holder: "Detective Linden. Mrs. Linden." OK, pretty convinced now that they are teasing romance, especially since Linden crashed Holder's sort-of date on Valentine's Day. I did like that it didn't register with either Linden or Holder that it was Valentine's Day. They really are alike in a lot of ways.

I love Bullet a lot. Her relationship with Holder is really interesting--I like how they've kind of bonded.

Callie's mom is marginally more sympathetic now that actually seems to care that her daughter is missing.
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