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Re: And now The Newsroom....

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The return of the Mission to Civilize and the first great episode of the season.

Tonight's episode of the Newsroom was a wonderful return to form. No more subdued Will, Mac or Jim. These three had fire in their bellies. Jim pressing the questions on the bus, Mac curious about the voice mail and making the first tentative steps toward Genoa, and Will -- from the opening editorial, to his parley with Nina Howard, even the unsheathing of the "devastating" blackmail recording ("dumb-ass!") -- was back in fighting shape.

Even Sloan, Don, and Dev Patel's character had their moments to shine. Maggie's drug zaniness may have worn a little thin but was easy enough to overlook with all of the surrounding quality.

It's good to have Aaron Sorkin hitting his stride again and I, for one, cannot wait for next week's show.
Olivia Munn is really getting some time to shine, and show that she isn't as bad an actress as a lot of people wrote her off as. I loved the ball peen hammer line. I think the Don bit with the chair was great. Sam Waterston looks like he is having a ton of fun playing Charlie Skinner.

Am I the only one who thinks that it might be Lansing who is setting them up with Genoa?
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