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Re: Intrepid class VS a galaxy class, which was more powerful and adva

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Yeah, that's sorta the awesome/horrible thing about Trek. Violence doesn't always save the day. But technobabble often does.
I got the impression it was more, "You dirty Klingons -dare- to get through our shields and attack us with technobabble?! We -invented- technobabble. We'll show you how it's done!"
Yeah I hated how GEN basically gave the ENT-D the shaft. How much of the budget did they spend on those sfx for that short fight? The Kirk death reshoot cost $6 million dollars. You think they could flex a million to give the ENT-D a more heroic send off. At least make it 3 BOP firing through the shields or have them shoot a trilithum missle at the ENT that cripples it. Have the ENT-D win with guts and sacrifice not a stupid technobable hax win.

It's one of the reasons I like the ENT-E vs Scimtiar fight. Geordi and Data don't technobabble a way to drop the Scimitar cloak or shields to make the battle less one sided.
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