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Re: Star Trek TWOK Blue Ray oddity

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There is an HD version of the TWOK DE on iTunes, which looks pretty good. Seems to be the same transfer that had been used for the DE DVD, only that it's HD.
Yep, aside from TWOK which got screwed around with by some idiot post engineer (blue tint), all of the Blu-ray releases seem to really just be the original scans of the film done back circa 2001-ish for the DEs (where were scanned at 1080p back then, which at the time was considered high resolution, since the final output was 480i DVD).

As an aside, time and again it's been shown that home video projects done in the late-90s and early-2000s do not hold up very well when distributed in their full HD resolution. The scans were done at exactly 1080p with early HD film scanners and the entire project was prepared with DVD in mind, not full resolution HD.

Harvey wrote: View Post
I don't care about the tint, but the problem with the TWOK transfer is that it's not consistent. In many shots, Regulus has a blue hue, but in a few others, the old red hue is still visible. In many respects, the restoration to the original negative was very well-done, but the color-grading change was a mistake.

Hopefully, if Paramount ever gets around to releasing the DE in HD, they'll fix the issue.
Yet another sign that Paramount could give a rats arse about the prime-universe Trek movies, they just quickly threw the same old transfers they had around for HD cable/satellite movie channels on to the Blu-ray release. Then to make it worse they appear to have let some stupid intern play around with color grading software for the TWOK release.

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