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Doctor Who party suggestions

A friend and I are having a joint birthday party this year and we've decided on a Doctor Who theme, as we're both big fans. It's not until September, but she is terrible at planning anything, so I have a feeling I will be doing most of the work.

So far, I've planned on getting Tardis-blue plates, cups and bowls (my local store has these) and maybe pasting little paper windows on them.

I'm going to get a local bakery to do a Tardis cake and I'll get some Jammie Dodgers from Amazon (no one has those here). Half-Price Books has lots of Doctor Who sticker books and such I can use for little decorations......but what else?

I thought bow-tie pasta might be fun and my friend has Dalek & Tardis salt and pepper shakers that I thought would be a cute centerpiece. Any other ideas? I toyed with the idea of actually serving fish fingers and custard, but, well, YUCK.

There will only be about 10 people there, tops. Don't want to go too overboard but I still want to do it up right.
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