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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Varys is a eunuch on Game of Thrones.

I think she's playing Piper and also enjoying Piper. It's all a big mix. She has to survive. And she's in there a lot longer than Piper so at some point Piper is waving bye and I don't think former prisoners are allowed to visit.

And yes I'm more down on Larry than the friend. She obviously doesn't want to do what's required to get that stuff into Barney's, ramp up a kitchen hobby into a production line, when she's 8 months pregnant. What should have been said is "Larry, MAKE SOAP. Or get a job." If he'd been "okay let's do this! Let's do this for Piper so when she gets out she has this great Barney's gig! Let's make soap!!" I bet the friend would have totally helped out/directed it.

As to getting fat for estrogen, I don't think they get that much food control. But it is a good reason not to be super skinny when you're older.

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