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Re: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Voyager Ep Counterpoint (Season 5)

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If there are not classes at the Academy in the seduction of enemy combatants, humans are prissy morons.
There are definitely not those classes. Humans are definitely prissy morons and more. They pop out of the Academy full of the wonders of the Federation and the belief that they are part of something important, a peacekeeping armada.

Wesley, "I don't understand drugs" is not going to have been in any classes on how to seduce Romulan princesses.

What they get at the Academy is warnings, about the Ferengi, about scary Orion women, about dreadful planets that don't want to be in the Federation. They know should avoid the Ferengi but they don't know how to out Ferengi the Ferengi.. what a steep learning curve some of them must have, especially the ones that grew up on earth in super federation starfleet families. I feel sorry for them.

This is why on ENT they should have more cargo crew on the NX-01, because they'd actually seen stuff and been places and met people. But even the one they did have managed to be too gee whiz about it all.

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