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Re: Finished Watching ENT (Warning: Spoilers)

TATV felt like a really mean spirited way to end a series to me. Trip's death seemed forced, and totally impractical. The NX-01 crew survived encounters with the Suliban, Klingons, Xindi, Religious extremists, Augments, Romulans, Orions, Terra Prime and other villain of the week antagonists. However it's a bunch of aliens (who they don't even bother to give a proper name in the show) that is too much to handle for the crew, and causes Trip's sacrifice? It's not like the NX-01 has NEVER been invaded by enemy forces before. Also aren't they're MACO's still on the ship? Why not call for them.

Also the tie in to the TNG episode Pegasus I felt was lazy. Set it post Nemesis if you want to float such an episode.
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