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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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Then she remembers there is a life outside of these walls and asks about the soap business. We learn that they haven't told "Barney's" that Piper is in jail, and that the VERY pregnant Paulie doesn't want to expand their business while Piper is unable to help. Larry complains that he & Piper need the missing income... BUT doesn't offer to help. Piper suggests a phone conference with their liaison at Barney's to foster the lie that everything is normal with the soap company.
If those people were any more self absorbed they would have been sucked into another dimension.

I guess Larry is too busy wanking and writing about wanking to make soap. Also he will now be very busy worrying about Piper dropping the soap, perhaps soap is just a trigger word for him and he can't be pouring all those blueberries and spices into molds without thinking about his precious Piper picking pussy over him. That tongue twister would surely be his personal torture the day it entered his head, an ear worm straight to the brain.

Sophia didn't need the elusive estrogen... she needed to confront her feelings over her son Michael.
Actually she probably does need the estrogen since she has no testosterone. But then I guess she'd end up like Varys if she had nothing.
To be fair to the best friend... she HAS a reason to be self absorbed... its called pregnancy.

As for Sophia, there IS a way for her to produce more estrogen, she just isn't going to like the "side effect".

See #2

Is "Varys"... Alex Vause?

Do you think she's playing Piper all season long?
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