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Re: Being a TOS fan back in the day...

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I've stated before that I think shows back then (pre-VCR) were more special in their way because they were so ephemeral, you never knew if you'd get to see another. There weren't easily accessed sources of information on every detail of a production.
I'm not advocating a return to that, there were plenty of minuses, but I think it's a particular feeling that is probably lost today.
This is very true. I remember reading about fans who would tape record (on audio) the episodes. I did that myself with Doctor Who, since it was before VCRs.

While it's great to be able to go shopping for all kinds of goodies on eBay, Amazon, ThinkGeek, etc. on any given day and have a package show up 3 weeks later, it's not the same as hunting for 10 or 20 years for one particular book or fanzine and finally finding it.

I'm STILL hunting for some specific books from the '70s - damn, some of them are elusive!
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