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Re: Generations references

Carson repeats some more gags here and there. In both GEN and YE he does the "let's shine flashlights directly in people's faces" thing (to Soran in GEN, Castillo in YE); I never understood that (they were being rescued, not interrogated). He also liked the gory "death by sharp debris" shots (Garrett and Riker in YE, and the Klingon in the opening shot of TNG Redemption Part 2).

Other similarities between GEN and YE are the look of the 1701-D bridge (additional stations, etc.) and the overall darker, moodier lighting.

Agreed; Carson's effective direction (along with John "Chinatown" Alonzo's cinematography and Dennis McCarthy's score) was a high point of GEN. Too bad about y'know, the script...
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