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Re: Casting Ahsoka Tano

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Have there been any actors who have voiced a character in animation and then gone on to do play them in a live action production?
Three that spring to mind are Evan Richards, Christopher Kennedy, and Rick Overton. In the second season of the Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures animated series, they took over the roles of Bill, Ted, and Rufus (replacing the original film's stars who had voiced those roles in the cartoon's first season), and then went on to play those same characters in the brief live-action Bill and Ted TV series. I've always wondered how that came about.
The Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures live action series was shot before the second season of the cartoon went into production.

Richards and Kennedy were cast in the animated show because it was airing on Fox same as the live action and they wanted casting continuity.

As it turned out Fox delayed airing of the live action series for more than a year because of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. I guess they wanted to use the movie to drum up free publicity for the show or something.

Whatever the reason the second season of the animated show ended up airing before the live action version.
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