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Re: The Killing (Seasons 1-3)

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You are in for such a punch to the gut in about 5 episodes.
Uh-oh! Watched two more. Still really loving this season. Still don't care about the dude on death row. Still think Holder is fine in his suit--and bummed from the preview that it looks like the hoodie is coming back. WTF??

Also, is it just me or are they kind of teasing a Linden/Holder romance? They're both noticing/commenting on each other's S.O.'s... which could just be a friend thing, but this is TV so I wonder. I loved the scene where Linden and Holder's partner (can't remember his name) are fighting over Holder's attention and taking swipes at each other.

These street kids break my heart. Two of them have already been raped and one is missing--presumed dead? So, so, so sad. I hope they're at least able to get Goldie, even if I'm guessing the P.O. officer will get away with what he did to Twitch. I really want to see Goldie go down for what he did to Bullet.
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