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Re: The Computers of Star Trek

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A single computer that was so sophisticated that, if one altered records, it could be taken as a given that the chess program wouldn't work properly anymore.

(Not to mention that it made punch card sounds....)
Ben Finney must have been a little sloppy when he was messing with the "Fortran for Duotronic Processors" code that the ship's computer was running. Probably wrote past the end of an array.
It's not that it just happened coincidentally and Spock stumbled upon it....after Kirk's offhand reference to playing chess, Spock goes to play chess against the computer specifically to test if it's been tampered with...he says as much to McCoy. It was presented as a foregone conclusion that if you messed with one thing in the computer, then other, unrelated things would go wonky....

This "made sense" to me as a it's a big WTF.
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