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Re: 'Gravity' (2012) dir. by Alfonso Cuarón 3D sci-fi space thriller

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Sweet Zombie Jesus. Give me this film NOW.

QFT... I am getting really excited about this, especially since they seem to be taking the science seriously. Perhaps if it does at all well it'll even give some more impetus to the public conversation about space junk, which would be a great thing.
Space junk was one of my TNG pitches, a race and world where they had pretty much cut themselves off from space because they had too much crap up there to be able to fly through.

There's a Ben Bova story about a moonbase [I think it is called MEN OF GOOD WILL, in the FORWARD IN TIME collection] where you have russians at one part of the moon and americans at another. They took some shots at each other at some point, and the bullets just keep going round & round, so at a certain point every month they have to lay down on the floor as the bullets come back to perigee and shoot the hell out of each base. It's pretty funny, as it is the only place in the verse where russians and americans are no longer able to fight each other.
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