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Re: Godzilla 2014: Rumors, Pix and filming

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...I think it makes birds scarier.
Heh, heh! You've reminded me of a situation a friend experienced. In addition to being a co-worker in IT, he was for several years a voluntary fire chief. As such, he dealt with numerous "roadside incidents". Normally they were car wrecks, but one time, he got a call about a bird causing a traffic emu!

He easily found the the animal where it was last seen, so he managed to "shoo" the bird off the road until animal control or the owners, regional emu ranchers, had the opportunity to arrive. The bird walked around the edge of a large creek as my friend kept an watchful eye.

It was then he noticed the tracks the emu left in the mud. "Argh! That thing is a dinosaur!" Sure enough the imprint closely resembled that of predatory therapods. It also dawned upon him that dinosaur or not, the claws on that creature could easily disembowel him if suitably threatened. He kept his hand close to his sidearm until the owners finally arrived to claim the bird.


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