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Re: THE WOLVERINE - Reviews and Discussion Thread

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. For me at least, it had the right level of action and angst. The casting was impeccable and I absolutely loved the cameos by returning actors. This was a far superior movie to the last wolverine movie. I felt that Jean was given a little more of the respect she should have been afforded in X3. I'm very happy for this one to sit in my collection.

Minor gripes are that I didn't really see the need to try and jazz up the Viper or the need for boy on boy / girl on girl action. I also didn't really see the need for Mariko to have any kind of combat skill at all but it wasn't overdone so I could live with it. I did miss Yukio throwing her knives though and while the actress looked fabulous I wanted Yukio to be just that little bit more daring - just a bit crazier.

Famke made it all worthwhile.
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