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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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But nothing was as horrible as those Los Mets uniforms. I turned the game off, couldn't watch the Mets play in those uniforms.
I loved the orange jerseys, but I think the "Los" thing is just plain stupid. It's a cop out. Figure out what the word for metropolitan or city is in whatever language you're pandering to, and put that on the jersey. Also, why only cater to the Latinos? It's not like there aren't any other ethnicities that flocked to NYC.
In Spanish, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim translates to "The The Angels Angels of Anaheim."

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Honestly, when is baseball going to start holding umpires accountable for this garbage? These guys will do almost anything to get their names in the paper, but they won't stand in front of TV cameras or microphones after the game and answer questions. Someone needs to do something. This nonsense is way past old.
The umpires have always acted like they're above the game. I saw a runner beat the play at the plate, but because he knocked over the umpire, the ump called him out.
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