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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

I've left out the Hispanic dysfunctional family, the mother that abrogated that privilege to her oldest daughter while she went out on the town with her drug pushing lover. The same lover that used her kitchen to package their "product". The same lover she took a dive for, going to prison in his stead. The same lover she quizzes her children about on their 1st visitation day, (Mama was wearing orange) rather than quizzing the kids about themselves. The same lover the oldest teenaged daughter went home and seduced on the kitchen counter.

And Nikki thinks SHE has Mommy issues!

The prison romance between the Hispanic daughter and the prison guard proceeds, with cutesy notes being passed secretly. Momma sees all and tries to warn the wayward daughter off but has no success. So she takes the problem in her own hands... literally, and seduces the young guard in the closet.

Not sure why she thought that would help.

Not sure if she was trying to "help" or whether she was trying to get revenge for her daughter's seduction of Cesar.

Whatever the motivation, it just shows this family needs more help than prison counselor, Officer S. Healy can provide.
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