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Alcubierre Drive - A thought excercise.

I was thinking about this today and thought it might make an interesting topic.

Basing this on the supposition that we make a working Alcubierre drive that doesn't get everyone killed automatically, we still have a problem. Let me prestate first that to my understanding the Alcubierre drive does not impart any inertia or remove any on it's own. It merely warps space to move the craft.

So. we board our hypothetical ship and point it at say - Epsilon Eridani - and away we go. Upon arriving at the star system I see 1 of 3 outcomes.

1. we get left behind as the star speeds away on it's orbit around the galactic center
2. we start falling into the star at incredible speeds due to lack of sufficient velocity for orbit.
3. we get sling-shotted around the star and back out of the system at high velocity.

What does this mean? We will need an incredibly powerful "real space" drive to give us the needed velocity vectors to actually stay in system at our destination. Something we don't currently have. So unless I am missing something, even if we built an Alcubierre driven ship tomorrow, without a real space drive to accompany it we'll still be stuck to this solar system.

Or am I totally missing something? I'm no scientist. Just an armchair space geek.

ETA: Doh, and totally forgot to spell check the thread title.
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