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Re: Dreadnought-Class Production Line (Spoilers?)

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Yet we're talking about the Trek universe, which never had drone technology or long range missiles until Khan brought them back.
There were plenty of long range missiles and drones in Trek before the premiere of ST:ID. True, in in-universe terms, those didn't exactly precede the events of ST:ID, but that's hardly an issue, since very little of what we saw in-universe preceded ST:ID/TOS anyway.

Nobody claimed that interstellar missiles would be new when they were mentioned or shown in DS9 and VOY, or that intelligence-gathering drones would be when mentioned in TNG, or that assassination drones would be when shown in DS9 and ST:INS. Most of us didn't assume that transporters or warp drives would be an all-new technology in the 2260s just because TOS was the first show to feature them - so we had better things to complain about when ENT expanded the Trek universe... Etc.

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Where rebooting a computer and reinstalling from backups was something that was so unknown to Starfleet (although not super genius Noonien Soong) in "Contagion" that it cost the lives of the entire Yamato crew and would have done the same to the compliment of the Enterprise and Romulan Warbird as well.
It doesn't strike me as remotely realistic that something as complex as a starship could be shut down and rebooted at all. It's like shutting down an aircraft in mid-flight, opening all welding seams, redoing them better, and thinking that this solves the problem of seam fatigue that was threatening to down the plane...

What works with tabletop toys isn't usually applicable in the real world. That our heroes didn't think of rebooting at first is the realistic part. That it worked is the unwelcome fantasy element.

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Where Pulaski ordering a splint be put on a patient was met with shock.
Yes, there's something really wrong about that. But I doubt Khan would be of any help there.

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Perhaps, since this is the Dreadnought-class and not the Vengeance-class, there was a prototype that failed
Or then "dreadnought-class" doesn't specify class name but merely ship type - the way the Arleigh Burke class ships today are destroyer-class vessels. After all, "dreadnought-class" is an existing definition of ship type today, theoretically applying to all the major battleships used in the World Wars...

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I see it less as Khan proofing the Vengeance, as training her crew
...But what crew would that be? Marcus seemed to fly out to meet/kill Kirk with a crew of mercenaries; it wouldn't help protect the Federation much if Khan only educated such less than patriotic groups. We never learned that he would have worked with regular Starfleet personnel. Indeed, he didn't even seem to have clearances to blow up the Section 31 workshop in London by himself, but needed to bribe/blackmail a Starfleet officer to do that.

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