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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

While Tom Baker was the most fun (to me at least)--were I a villain--McCoy's incarnation as the Doctor would be the one I'd least like to face. I'd like to think I might get something past Colin, what with the regeneration trouble reaching its height with him early on. I think the Doctor had some trouble with regeneration going all the way back to the spiders on Metabelius...

If all the other previous doctors were asked about who River Soong (in the new post-05' series), they wouldn't know.

But something tells me the Seventh Doctor would know...

Now, in the novel, there was mention about "The Other."

My only beef was with the Dalek design. The renegade Daleks should have the cream and gold look--from the Necros Daleks that Davros played with in Revelation--with the mainstream Imperial Daleks being grey--all the way back to the Kaleds.

But the Emporer Dalek always looked like that, so...

Now if they ever refresh this episode, Mr Briggs needs to redumb that first Dalek we see. I don't know whose voice that was... I don't think Leeson did that one. I loved the music. That holds up well.

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