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Re: Is Primeval New World worth watching?

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The show has been doing so poorly on Syfy that they are going to just burn off the remainder of the series (6 episodes) in one day during a 13-hour marathon of the series, instead of airing the show normally through August as originally planned. They are doing the same with Sinbad.
That's a shame. I'm really liking both these shows, though P:NW took a few weeks to find its legs, and it still feels like an alternate universe from the original show. (After the events of the original series' finale, anomalies should not be secret anymore. And why isn't the ARC doing more to provide the Canadians with locking devices, stunguns, and the like?)

Anyway, hopefully I can watch or record all the marathon episodes and not miss anything; but I've enjoyed looking forward to these shows each Saturday, and I was hoping that ritual would continue a few weeks longer.
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